Our Vision

We look forward to full acceptance from our community towards persons with Autism, good understanding of their differences and their real inclusion in all fields.

Our Goals

  1. To be the first platform for families with children with Autism that provides them with information related to the services and facilities available
  2. To cooperate and connect with all sectors in the country to ensure the development and the upgrading of services given to persons with Autism in all fields
  3. To spread awareness on Autism and create a society understanding that leads to the acceptance and inclusion of persons with Autism

Our Strategy

  1. Providing families of persons with Autism with training support to deal with different challenges through comprehensive programs and workshops
  2. Attempting to enhance the abilities of specialists and practitioners in the field through specialized training seminars and conferences
  3. Execution of a number of events, courses and activities that contribute to the inclusion of persons with Autism in the community